Here’s My Motivated Seller VOICEMAIL Script

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Need a motivated seller voicemail script? Got your back here. And I’ll do you one even better because it’s got a nifty video explaining parts of the script that I’m about to hand to you. Let’s dive right into it…

Johnpaul Moses
Johnpaul Moses
Motivated Seller Voicemail Script

Need a motivated seller voicemail script?
Time to give stuff away again! And golly, you guys just can’t get enough, can you? 😉

So far we’ve let you steal: our letter of intent, burned house letter, script for seller calls, option agreement, and property inspection checklist.

And now here we are, piles of raving comments later, and you still want more!

No problemo.

I totally get it… I’ve been there, and always appreciate finding an “easy button” or shortcut myself.

If it’ll save me (i) time, (ii) pain or (iii) the trial-and-error of making or finding it myself, then I’m in.

Which brings me to an interesting (and kinda hilarious) question from Tim D. I saw recently in response to one of my “Swipe & Deploy” shares.

Ok, I just watched (and took very careful notes during) your seller initial call script video. I have all the answers I need except for one… What is the recorded message that the seller listens/responds to when s/he calls the number on your postcard? Is it an interactive automated service, or just a “please provide the following information and someone will contact you shortly” kind of thing? I’m referring to your Vumber number greeting/interaction with the seller during their first ever reach out to you via your postcard. Am I making sense? I have pneumonia so I’m a bit hazy… 😛

Also, during your script video, you stated that your postcard mentions that the seller’s initial call will only be answered by an automated service, but on the “Here’s one of Our Favorite Postcards” screenshot, the actual verbage is, “Call [this number] and I’ll be happy to talk with you. If I’m out, please leave a message and I will call you shortly.” [no mention as to why you’d call anybody “shortly”, but that’s prolly not the hill i wanna die on right now].

Is there another postcard to which you were referring in the script video that DOES say that the seller will NOT talk to a real person at first? I’m just a little bit confused about the discrepancy there. But, like I said, I am battling pneumonia so i’m prolly not braining well today. Hard for me to know really.

Wow – I just read what I typed and even I can’t make sense of the prolix drivel. However, I’m in no shape to attempt anything better so give it the old college try and let me know what you make of it. I’m expecting an entertaining, yet informative response, but I would certainly understand a visit from a cpl of guys wearing white lab coats driving an unremarkable, windowless van 🫤

PS. I’m super old, but you guys are my kind of ppl, regardless!

PPS. Could be the drugs.

—Tim D. (Somewhere Mysterious, USA)

Dear Timbo,

You, sir, are indeed one of our kind of people. Know that. 😊

To your question…

YES. I’m happy to also share my ‘We Buy Houses’ voicemail script with you… a time-tested, proven motivated seller voicemail script I crafted and fine-tuned for 24+ years now.

And also to walk you through some of the nuances and Jedi mind tricks inside… and how it solidly prescreens & elegantly sets the stage for having solid conversations with the right people.

Also, to answer the glaring question: Should you even have seller calls handled by voicemail rather than live answered? (my opinion and thoughts on this may surprise you).

Check out this video…

Like what you heard & saw?

Want to snag it (even as a starting point) so you don’t have to go back through that video and type the whole freaking thing out?

Sure thing.

Swipe & deploy…

But first, I’d like to ask a small favor:

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Next, do this…

Download the document right here and start using it to level up your real estate investing game… No strings attached! Easy peasy, macaroni-and-cheesy.


Leave a comment below to let us know what you think about this script that I just handed you.

That’s it! And don’t forget to be awesome.


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