Here’s My Script for Seller Calls

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It’s time for another exciting episode of “Swipe and Deploy our stuff!” This time, I want to let you take a gander at our exact script for calling back motivated sellers from our postcard campaigns. Let’s get right to it…

Johnpaul Moses
Johnpaul Moses
Script for Seller Calls

Heeeeeeeey guys, it’s time for another exciting episode of “Swipe & Deploy our stuff!” Lol.

So based on the kudos aplenty, I clearly struck a chord in recently sharing our assignment of contractsimple real estate contracts, an agreement for subcontractors, and 47 MLS keywords for REI.

That’s awesome, I love it.

Today I want to go a step further and let you take a gander at our exact script for calling back motivated sellers from our postcard campaigns.

Here’s the deal:

No matter what flavor investor you are or what type of deal happens to be your proverbial cup of tea, that first call with the seller is absolutely mission critical—a crucial hinge point really for your whole deal.

It also happens to be one of the most nerve-racking and precarious nuts to crack for many people.

I’ve seen it literally hundreds of times now, these seller calls can be murder for some people—and I get it.

Seriously. Been there, done that…

Yes, nearly a third of my life ago now, but I still remember all too well skittishly calling sellers back, feeling uncertain of what to say, which questions to ask or how to ask them, or how to just not make it weird

Well, today, I aim to wipe the weirdness away by handing you an awesome, time-tested, proven script for handling seller calls—one that I’ve carefully crafted and honed to be simple, straightforward, and superdy duperdy easy to use.

And yes, I want you to ‘swipe & deploy’ it in your own real estate endeavors.

There are only two strings attached:

String 1: Watch my video here, and I’ll walk you gingerly through it step-by-step. This’ll help you really get your head around it.

String 2: Leave a friendly comment below sharing your own thoughts.

Yep, that’s really it.

Check it out…

Seller Script: Get Mine Now 😊

Ready to just grab mine yours, and start making it rain dollar bills?

How to download my seller script…

First off, I’d like to ask a small favor:

Would you please “Like” our Facebook page if you haven’t done so already?

Doing this will most definitely make you awesomer. 👍

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After that, you can grab it here…

Ok, so here’s how you can get your little paws on my seller script. Just click here to download the document… Easy peasy, macaroni-and-cheesy.


Leave a comment below and tell us what you think about this goodie.

Aaaaaaaaaaand, go!

Oh, and don’t forget to be awesome.


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