The Ultimate Subcontractor Agreement for 2024 [Free Template Download]

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We’re giving you a free, handy-dandy tool to better your business. It’s a clear, simple template that you can use for agreements between you and any subcontractors you hire.

Johnpaul Moses
Johnpaul Moses
Subcontractor Agreement

If you’re looking for the ultimate subcontractor agreement for 2024, welp, you’ve come to the right place.

Hey, JP Moses here!

This is the right place because it’s where you’ll scoop up another awesome resource that you can Swipe & Deploy.

Yep, we’re giving you a free, handy-dandy tool to better your business (yay!).

So, what goodie are we going to give away this time?

Well… how about a clear, simple template that you can (and should!) use as often as you like for agreements between you and any subcontractors you ever hire for renovations or rehabs on any of your properties?

Before we get to the actual agreement, let’s back up a smidge for some basic info…

What is a Subcontractor, and Why Do You Need A Subcontractor Agreement?

What’s a subcontractor?

Well, you hire a general contractor for a rehab project, and the GC then hires their own subcontractors.

Think plumbers, electricians, carpenters, brick masons, and so on.

The GC manages all those people, which will typically cost you about 25% more for your project.

Some investors swear by GCs, and others cut them out and hire their own subcontractors, saving money.

And if you hire them directly, you need an subcontractor agreement…


Because verbal agreements are risky, people’s memories might not be solid, and people remember conversations differently.

So you definitely want the details in writing — it’s not to imply that you don’t trust them; it’s just to make sure that it’s there in black and white to avoid any misunderstandings.

This subcontractor agreement not only specifies the work to be done but it also documents that your subcontractors are not employees.

They’re independent contractors. That matters for tax purposes.

OK, that’s the quick dirty…

But we’re not only handing you this super-useful subcontractor agreement. I’ve also created an awesomely informative video walking through the various sections of the document.

Like what, you ask?

  • I’ll explain in layman’s terms what exactly subcontracting is
  • I’ll define and differentiate general contracting vs. subcontracting
  • Why it’s so important to use a contract
  • Laws you should know
  • How to ask subcontractors to sign a contract without it being awkward
  • How you can download and fill in the blanks of today’s contract template
  • And fuzzy areas that a subcontract agreement will clarify and which areas of the contract need to be specific.

OK, I bet you’re ready to get the low down on today’s swipe and deploy…

For more on this ultimate subcontractor agreement, press play, friends…

Get Your Subcontractor Agreement for 2024 Now 🙂

Well, now that you better understand the components of this doc… I hope you’ll use it to improve the way you do business.

Ready to just grab mine for your own bag of tricks?

Awesome, just remember: You might want to have your local attorney review it before you start using it in your state…

Whenever you’re ready, just go ahead and download my Subcontractor Agreement here…

Oh, and BTW…

In case you don’t know already, there’s an entire “Swipe & Deploy” goodies category over here—which we’re always adding to, and currently gives you everything from a You Are Late notice for landlords to an Option to Purchase Agreement… and my Cash for Keys agreement.


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