The Ultimate Property Inspection Checklist for 2024 [FREE TEMPLATE]

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When you’re out there on the scene, looking over a property, how do you keep your mind focused? How can you be sure you’re not missing an important element of the inspection? Whelp, I got exactly what you need right here.

Johnpaul Moses
Johnpaul Moses
A Simple Property Inspection Checklist
JP Moses

You’ve come to the right place because we’re giving away another tool that you can swipe and deploy to help you level up your REI game, hooray!

Hey there, JP here… coming at you with a document that’s extremely practical for every real estate investor: the ultimate property inspection checklist.

But hang on a hot minute…

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OK, before moving forward with our swipe and deploy, I have a question first:

When you’re out there on the scene, looking over a property, what’s on your mind?

Yes, of course, you’d like to be 100% focused on looking at every detail of the property. But you may also be trying to discuss matters with the potential seller.

That can be a big distraction.

So, how do you keep your mind focused?

How can you be sure you’re not missing an important element of the inspection?

If you’ve ever had that scattered feeling, you’re going to love this property inspection checklist that I’ve been using for years. It’s saved me hours of time, and sometimes even saved me from making an expensive mistake.

But, wait, there’s more…

In addition to letting you swipe this list, I’ve created a detailed video for you that explains exactly how I put this list to work in my own real estate investing business.

After you watch the video, you can then customize not only the physical list, but also the manner in which you use it.

Press play, friends…

What Should Be in a Property Inspection Checklist?

There’s a home inspection checklist, and then there’s the ultimate home inspection checklist.

What’s the difference?

The latter needs to be as thorough as possible to prevent you from missing any important items, including:

  • Roof repair/replace?
  • Exterior paint/siding?
  • Windows replaced?
  • Foundation repair?
  • Garage/other parking?
  • Landscaping needed?
  • Exterior debris clean-up?
  • Interior debris clean-up?

Property Inspection Checklist: Get Mine Now 🙂

Once you start using this checklist, no part of the inspection will ever slip by you. Why rely on your memory when you can be using this incredibly detailed list?

I hope you’ll use it improve the way you do business. So, ready to just grab mine for your own bag of tricks?

How to download the ultimate inspection checklist…

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Next, download the ultimate inspection checklist …

Ok, so how do you get your little paws on my Inspection Checklist? Easy peasy. Just download the document here… No strings attached.

Have at it… swipe away, my friends.

And don’t forget to be awesome today!


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