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Hey guys, I’ve got something pretty sweet I want to share with you today: It’s one of our favorite real estate investor postcards, and you can officially swipe-and-deploy in your own real estate investing operations any time you want.

Johnpaul Moses
Johnpaul Moses

Hey guys, I’ve got something pretty sweet I want to share with you today: It’s one of our favorite real estate investor postcards that you can officially swipe and deploy in your own real estate investing operations any time you want.

So here’s the deal…

As any capable, card-carrying real estate investor who’s actively doing deals will tell you, the only fuel that keeps your real estate money machine cranking is quality leads coming in like clockwork.

For wholesalers like me, that means a steady stream of motivated sellers with properties they sorely need to sell, plus ravenous cash buyers, hungry to devour the deals we serve up on a silver platter.

For fix-and-flippers, it’s distressed property leads and retail buyers.

And landlords, of course, need solid investment properties and quality tenants.

The list goes on… but regardless of your real estate flavor of choice, it’s pretty clear-cut: leads are the lifeblood of your business, and one way or another, it all seems to start with the distressed seller.

In our wholesaling business we actually have a number of channels actively generating distressed seller leads for us, including referrals, signs, and JV partners.

But hands down, the lion’s share of our wholesale deals come to us through our direct systematic direct mail marketing efforts.

Which brings us to this…

Today, I want to share with you a real estate investor postcard I’ve been using lately with great success as part of an experimental shift in our motivated seller marketing.

Below, you can see a full screenshot of our new seller postcard front and back. But to really understand what’s under the hood and why, I recorded a short video for you walking through the postcard, and explaining the ‘how’ and ‘why’ behind our intentional shifts…

  • From hype to unassuming in our message…
  • From ‘corporate’ to ‘mom and pop’ in our framing…
  • And ultimately from quantity to quality in the leads themselves.

Whether you agree or not with our little experiment here, I think you’ll really find it interesting. And I’d really love to hear what you think about it with a quick comment below.

Feast Your Eyes…

My favorite real estate investor postcard of all time (right now)…


The cost varies depending on how many mail pieces you order.

We ordered 4,944 of these postcards at $2,470, which includes the printing and the mailing with first-class postage, and that comes out to about .50 cents per piece.

Totally worth it!

This was, of course, a large-volume mailing, so the price per piece varies depending upon the amount in your mail campaign.

Show me…

Enjoy living on the edge?

Want to give this here fancy postcard a try for yourself?

Feel free.

Here’s a headshot screenshot—bam!

Our Favorite Real Estate Investor Postcard

Take me…

You could remake this postcard a number of ways, but the easiest would be to just use the same folks we do.  Here’s a direct link to the company we use if you want to have them print & mail the exact same postcard for you.

Now say it like you mean it…

Like I said, I’d love to hear what you think.

  • Is this postcard the awesomest thing since sharp cheddar or the stinkiest thing whatever other cheese this here cat’s smelling? —»
  • Maybe you’ve tried an approach like this? Let’s hear about it.
  • Had success with another real estate investor postcard or yellow letter lately? Do tell.

Leave a comment below.

And don’t forget to be awesome.


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