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Discover how to wholesale profitably with the best wholesale course today.

Johnpaul Moses
Johnpaul Moses

There’s no question: Wholesaling in real estate can be a profitable real estate strategy. 

It’s true!

Depending upon your skill level, time, and network, wholesaling can range from being a part-time business providing supplemental income to a full time business providing for you and our loved ones.

With these rewards of wholesaling also comes risk — stress, legal penalties, and worst of all, losing money.

Here’s the good news!

You reduce or avoid this risk all together by wholesaling the right way — and that is to be educated on the nuances of the wholesale process from start to finish. 

While you can read insightful articles and books on the topic, wouldn’t it be great if someone could walk you through how to wholesale step by step? 

That’s where a wholesaling course comes in!

But not just any wholesaling course on the market today — the best wholesale course … or as we like to say, the most awesome wholesale course! 

In this article, we’ll break down the best wholesale course today so that, whether you are looking to do your first wholesale deal or you have done a few and are looking to take your real estate business to the next level, you can wholesaling the right way that creates a profit now and into the future. 


Let’s go!

What is Wholesaling? 

First things first: what is wholesaling?

No, we’re not talking about goods sold to a distributor. 

In real estate, wholesalers act as a middle man between homeowners of distressed properties and real estate inventors. 

A wholesaler will get a contract on a property — usually priced below market value — and then sell the contract to a real estate investor at a higher price. 

That’s it! 

Of course, you’re probably wondering…

How Much Can Beginner Wholesalers Make? 

The truth is that there’s no limit to how much you can make as a wholesaler. 

It’s true! 

Once the sale is final, the wholesaler typically receives anywhere between 5% – 10% of the property price. 

Let’s do the math.

If a property is listed at $200,000, and you, acting as the middleman, find a real estate investor who will purchase it for $250,000, your profit can range from $12,500 to $25,000. 

With the right motivation and network, there’s no ceiling on how many wholesale deals you can complete — and profit from!

What’s the only thing standing between you and a profitable wholesale business today? 

The right education.

And that’s where the best wholesale course comes in. 

What Should You Look For in a Wholesale Course?

Like any educational tool, you don’t want to take the first wholesale course you find; You want to look for specific qualities about the course before taking it. 

What separates a wholesale course from the best wholesale course are the following traits. 

Trusted and Reputable Source

You want to take a wholesale course from an experienced wholesaler who has done countless deals and is honest about his or her mistakes along the way. 


Wholesaling courses should be offered at an affordable price point. 


Any wholesale course can discuss the surface level of wholesaling. 

But what makes one course the best is that it walks you through the nuances with wholesaling — from the legality to the assignment contract, where to find cash buyers, real life examples and much more. 

The Best Wholesale Course Today

The Best Wholesale Course today is One-Day Flip by Cameron Dunlap.

What makes this wholesale course the best?!

It will teach you to flip houses in a single day, and make up to $44,862 per flip — without investing a penny of your own money, taking out any loans, or making a single repair. 

Even better, with the method that One Day Flip teaches, there’s no credit check or down payment required!

Cameron Dunlap has been deal-making for over 29 years — and he’s passionate about teaching others what he’s learned, something he’s done since 1995.  

Cam is the perfect combination of humble genius, legit real-world experience, and innovative prowess — all mixed with a proven, lengthy track record of big wins, major profits, lessons learned and real estate investing inventions.

In this wholesale course, he will teach you step by step:

  • Ways to quickly get your hands on funds you need to close deals. 
  • How to seize an emerging market, using levels of opportunities that are hiding in plain sight, such as pre-bank, pre-list and post-list foreclosures.
  • Everything you need to know about multiple exit strategies and how you can land the right buyers so you can collect paychecks as soon as possible.

The wholesale course is broken down into:

  • a series of info-packed video modules, both video and audio
  • resources 
  • tools
  • bonus “amplifier training” sessions
  • And more!  

One-Day Flip gives newer and seasoned real estate investors all of the right ingredients, along with the expert knowledge, guidance, and exact steps needed to become an expert real estate investor. 

At the end of the wholesale course, you will be able to use this simple, risk-free strategy so you can profit quickly from fast flips properties …

Then rinse and repeat!

Learn more about this wholesale course right now! 

The Bottom Line: Best Wholesaling Course

Wholesaling is an advantageous real estate investing strategy that can create a profit …

But it’s not without risks. 

By taking One Day Flip, you can learn how to wholesale in a way that reduces risk and maximizes profit now and in the future.

Get started today!


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