Here’s My ‘Burned House’ Letter

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I have a question for you. Have you ever driven by a burned-out house and wondered how you might approach that owner, acquire the property, and fix it up? Whelp, that’s exactly what I’m gonna share with you today…

Johnpaul Moses
Johnpaul Moses
Burned House Letter

I have a question for you…

Have you ever driven by a burned-out house and wondered about it? Wondered how you might approach that owner, acquire the property, and fix it up?

Well, you’re in the right place at the right time… because today, I’m going to share what I like to call my “burned house” letter.

Plus, not only am I going to show you the letter and explain how to use it, you get to download a copy for free.

JP Moses here, and I’ve used this letter for years quite successfully, and now it’s yours to use as well.

Uh, you’re welcome, my friend!

Now this is important…

You’ll want to keep in mind that you’re stepping into a rather delicate situation. This homeowner has suffered a great emotional loss, and perhaps, may have even lost a loved one or suffered an injury due to this fire.

So, a word to the wise is to handle with care. And as you’ll see in my video below, my letter can help you do exactly that, plus I’ve given you a few more helpful tidbits as well.

Here are a few other things you’ll take away from my video lesson about this letter:

  • Finding burned-out houses
  • Who to contact
  • How to create the best tone for the letter
  • How to present yourself and your company entity
  • How to create a subtle but effective call to action



Obviously, you’re not going to find a burned-out house on every block, maybe not even in every neighborhood, but they are out there. Have your bird dogs and other people keep an eye out for you.

So now, when you locate one, you won’t be wondering about what to do and how to make a deal with it… you’ll know exactly what to do, and in the process, you’ll be helping a family and an entire neighborhood.

Burned House Letter: Get Mine Now 🙂

Well, now that you better understand the components of this doc… I hope that you use it to level up your real estate investing game.

Ready to just grab mine for your own bag of tricks?

Awesome, here’s how…

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After that, you can grab it here…

Ok, so here’s how you can get your hands on my ‘Burned House’ Letter. Just click here to download the document… Easy peasy, macaroni-and-cheesy.


Leave a comment below and tell us what you think about this goodie. Or if there’s anything you want us to share next time. Who knows? We just might have the thing you’re looking for. ッ

Oh, and BTW…

In case you didn’t know, we give stuff away like this all the time, like a tasty assignment of contract and script for seller calls. Plus, useful agreements like the agreement for subcontractors and an option agreement that you can use to help you level-up your REI game.

Aaaaaaaaaaand, go!

Oh, and don’t forget to be awesome.


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