The 10 Best Ways to Get Real Estate Leads in 2024

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Johnpaul Moses
Johnpaul Moses

The most vital part of any real estate business is lead generation.

That’s right: finding and acquiring new leads.

Real estate leads is not just about getting names and numbers for wheeling and dealing — it’s about forging meaningful, lasting connections that have the potential to open new doors in the years to come.

In this article, we’ll break down 10 ways to supercharge our real estate business with leads. 

Let’s begin! 

What is Real Estate Lead Generation?

In real estate, lead generation provides the resources to find potential clients who may be interested in buying, selling, or even investing in real estate property.

It requires not only identifying prospective leads but also nurturing them in the hopes of converting them into a successful transaction.

But why is it so vital?

Well, without a constant stream of quality leads, you will find your revenue pipeline dry. Even the best real estate agents can’t facilitate a sale without a buyer, and it doesn’t matter how much an investor has to spend if they can’t find anyone willing to sell.

This reduces opportunities — and slows business growth.

Simply put, lead generation is essential because it keeps the sales funnel full of potential clients, which helps agents and investors stay one step ahead in a highly competitive market.

Lead generation isn’t about quantity though, it’s about quality.

The quality of the leads can eventually make a significant difference in the conversion rate. As the market continues to evolve, so too will the lead generation methods and tactics.

Many of the traditional lead research methods are no longer self-sufficient and must be accompanied by more mainstream digital strategies like SEO, social media marketing, and online marketing.

These newer digital channels leverage a much broader and more efficient way to find and connect with leads and potential clients.

As a bonus, many of them also provide real-time data and actionable insights that just weren’t possible previously.

Going forward into 2024 and beyond, lead generation is only going to grow more sophisticated and accurate.

It will begin to leverage big data, AI, and machine learning to more accurately predict buying patterns, provide more individualized marketing content, and cultivate engagement with clients more effectively.

Additionally, virtual property tours and online marketplaces have also revolutionized how leads are generated and nurtured.

The keys to being successful in such a rapidly changing business sector are to stay agile, adaptable, and informed.

How to Get Real Estate Leads in 2024

#1: Networking

Networking is a cornerstone of real estate lead generation, and it’s potentially one of the most powerful tools.

Building an extensive network of contacts in the space, such as other real estate professionals, agents, and potential clients, can give you a much larger pool of leads to nurture.

Finding and joining local real estate clubs, attending industry events and conferences, and participating in community activities can help establish your name as a go-to figure for potential leads. Face-to-face interactions have a more personal touch that can help foster trust and rapport that can grow a long-term business relationship.

#2: Online Marketing

We’re in the midst of a digital revolution that has drastically changed how leads are generated, and online marketing has undoubtedly taken center stage. Using smart SEO tactics, implementing a well-designed website, and having active and engaged social media channels can attract leads organically.

Implement targeted ads on social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and others to reach specific demographics and interest niches. Content marketing includes blog content, videos, pictures, and infographics to help establish authority and expertise in your space while keeping your target audience engaged.

#3: Events and Seminars 

Participating in or hosting local real estate events and seminars can substantially boost your visibility and overall credibility, which can help create more valuable, high-quality leads.

Educational workshops can generate significant interest.

Workshops on buying or selling homes can bring a room full of the very people you’re looking for, while at the same time, putting you in a position of expertise and authority regarding real estate.

#4: Referral Programs 

Establishing a referral program can be a solid strategy for generating leads, while also rewarding leads that have already converted into satisfied customers. Offering incentives, like gifts or discounts can motivate your network to more actively promote your business.

#5: Local Business Collaboration 

A powerful way to build community recognition and local leads is partnering with local businesses related to the real estate industry. This includes home improvement stores, moving companies, and even law firms. Partnering with these businesses helps you better access your customer base, and enhance your visibility and lead generation.

#6: Leveraging CRM Tools 

Customer relationship management tools have long been used to analyze and improve lead generation and management processes. CRM systems offer substantial organization benefits that make it easier to track leads and follow-ups and to perfectly optimize your sales pipeline.

#7: Content Marketing 

Content marketing is a powerful way to bring valuable leads directly to you by simply providing the information they’re looking for. By creating valuable content, such as blog posts, newsletters, and more, your audience will understand that your website has all the information they’re looking for.

#8: Direct Mail 

Even with digital strategies leading the way, direct mail is still a very effective tool for real estate and general lead generation. Sending personalized letters, holiday postcards, and similar items can help capture the attention of older demographics that spend less time online.

#9: Driving for Dollars 

This is a proactive technique where you simply walk around or drive around nearby neighborhoods for properties that may have a higher chance of selling to an investor. Typical signs to look for are those with boarded-up windows, overgrown yards, or simply distressed.

#10: Bird Dogging 

If you have a partner or two, bird-dogging may be the way to go.

This is where your ‘bird dog’ individual will find their way to a potential selling or investment opportunity, and then pass you the information for a kickback or commission.

This strategy gives you eyes and ears in more than one place at all times, compounding the effectiveness of your search.

The Bottom Line: Real Estate Leads

There’s no one size fits all with real estate leads: choose one or several of these strategies that speak to you so that you can prime the revenue pump now and in the future — and grow your real estate business to new heights. 


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