How to Flip Houses with No Money — Here’s 9 Ways to Do It 

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Are you interested in flipping houses, but don’t have the money to do so? You can flip houses without using your own money. Here’s how to do just that.

Johnpaul Moses
Johnpaul Moses

Tons of people dream of getting into real estate, flipping in particular, but never do because they think you need to have enough money to simply buy a house to flip. 

But! You actually don’t have to have deep pockets to have a vast real estate portfolio. Yay!

What you do need, though, is some market savviness, an eye for opportunity, and some determination. It also helps if you’re ready to put in some elbow grease to flip fixer-upper homes with hidden potential. 

So, we’re going to show you how to flip houses with no money, starting from the very beginning. 

There’s a lot to cover, so let’s get to it!

What Is House Flipping Anyway?

House flipping is a process for profiting off of real estate properties held for short periods. 

There are 3 basic steps to any flip. 

  1. First, you’ll need to find a property that’s available for $X, but that can potentially sell for more than $X. 
  2. Then, you acquire the property by getting it under contract as a wholesale deal OR to remodel or renovate it to boost its value.
  3.  Finally, you assign the contract or sell property for (hopefully) much more than you paid. 

That said, there are a lot of complexities and nuances involved with finding the right properties to invest in, and some due diligence so no costly surprises happen along the way.

Can I Really Flip a House with No Money or Bad Credit?

Fact: People flip houses without money every single day. 

The idea that you need to already have money to make money in real estate is something that keeps most people from learning how to flip houses with no money.

While the best rates go to borrowers with credit scores in the mid-700s or above, there are ways to get around credit issues by simply avoiding traditional lending institutions (we’re talking to you, banks) that have set thresholds for approval based on unmovable equations.

Of course, the process of learning to flip houses without money is going to require more steps and dedication compared to simply tapping into a bank account. To successfully flip houses with no money, you’re going to need to be comfortable with asking, connecting, and strategizing.

9 Ways to Flip a House With No Money

When looking to flip houses with no money, these proven strategies can help you start looking for your first property to flip today.

1. Private Lenders

You can approach the angle of private lending in a few different ways. A private lender is any individual or small company that is willing to lend money for these types of investments. A private lender can even be a friend or family member. Since private lenders can offer much more flexible terms and requirements, they are a prime funding solution for many.

2. Hard Money Lenders

These lenders are far less common and are similar in some ways to private lenders, though their terms are typically more structured and they charge higher rates. They will make a loan based on the potential value, which makes them another solid option for flippers with no money in hand.

3. Wholesaling

This interesting strategy for how to flip houses with no money doesn’t involve the sweat equity that’s needed for other methods. A real estate wholesaler is someone who approaches owners of distressed properties to offer a contract that allows them to sell to an investor for a fee that’s usually 5% to 10% of the sale cost. By being the middleman, you earn a cut but don’t have to take on the risk of a loan for the property.

4. Partner with a House Flipping Investor

Another way to get started if you don’t want to take on the full task of figuring out how to flip houses with no money on your own is partnering with an investor — they can help you get anywhere from 5% to 50% of the purchase funded. While giving up a portion of the profits may not be ideal, the injection of cash may help you get the project done much faster, add to your credibility, and grow your number of transactions.

5. Home Equity

While you may not have tons of cash in the bank, your home could be an untapped piggy bank if you’re a homeowner. You can use the current equity in your home to finance your first home flip. Home equity loans and reverse mortgages often have much lower interest rates compared to conventional mortgages and personal loans, though they come with the added risk to your personal property on default.

6. Lease Option

While leasing isn’t a super popular technique for how to flip houses with no money, a lease option is a creative twist that helps you “buy in” later on. When investors use the lease option to flip houses with no money, they agree to purchase properties after leasing them. You’re essentially paying rent to live in a home that you will eventually purchase from the owner.

7. Seller Financing

Another way to flip houses with no money involves the seller acting as the lender. Instead of paying the full amount up front, you agree to a promissory note detailing the interest rate, repayment schedule, and consequences of default. The big challenge is that you need both a willing seller and a clear contract.

8. Live-In Flip

This trick to flip houses with no money only requires you to be comfortable with getting cozy at your project house. By living in your flip house while you work on it, you avoid the need to fund costs for two homes at once. This can often take more time, but it can save the investor significant amounts of money in living expenses and open up other potential home loan types.

9. Crowdfunding

Finally, truly the most 21st-century option, is crowdfunding. Using crowdfunding platforms, aspiring house flippers can connect with networks of investors. Investors who use crowdfunding are looking for ways to fund real estate investments in various markets around the country without necessarily doing any of the work on properties to get them flipped for profit. The investor gets to diversify. The house flipper gets to have their dream projects funded.

How and Where Do I Start to Flip a House with No Money?

There’s no official place to start with a plan for how to flip houses with no money. Most house flippers typically start in the local markets they already know. 

Here are some other basic steps to get you on the right path:

  • Education and Research: Arm yourself with knowledge through online resources, e-books, courses, and real estate forums — and of course, all the valuable resources you can find right here on
  • Networking: A peer network of real estate professionals, contractors, and potential investors can be priceless.
  • Identify Potential Properties: Use online platforms, local listings, and neighborhood scouting to find undervalued properties.
  • Analyze Deals: Learn how to analyze real estate deals to ensure good profit margins and understand the costs involved.
  • Start Small: Begin with smaller projects that require less capital and gradually take on larger projects as you gain experience.
  • Partner with a Lawyer: Consult with legal professionals before entering into any financial agreements to ensure they are legally sound.
  • Evaluate Your Results: After each project, reflect on what worked and what didn’t, and develop a new plan or contingency for next time.

Flipping Houses with No Money: Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s take a look at some of the most commonly asked questions associated with flipping houses with no money — and most importantly, their answers. 

Q: Is it possible to flip houses with no money?

A: Yes! From hard money lenders to wholesaling, seller financing, a live in flip and more, there are several options to flip houses with no money today. 

Q: How much money do I need to start flipping houses?

A: None! That’s the best part. As we just showed you, YOU don’t need any money to start, but you will need to find the funds to cover the purchase costs, closing costs, ongoing expenses, and renovation costs of the property, as well as selling costs when you’re ready to flip. 

Q: How do I start flipping homes with no money online?

A: That’s right, you can flip homes with no money online!You can take advantage of platforms that connect buyers and sellers in today’s digital-first age. On these platforms, you can find low-cost distressed properties that might be perfect for your first house-flipping endeavor.

Final Thoughts on How to Flip Houses With No Money

The truth is that it always takes money to flip houses. 


The breakthrough realization is that it doesn’t have to be your money! Get you some OPM, friend: other people’s money!

These tips for how to flip houses with no money open doors to buying, wholesaling, fixing up, and profiting from these potentially lucrative deals. 

What are you waiting for?

Get to it!


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