Where to Buy Tax Lien Certificates Online

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Looking to reap the benefits of tax lien investing? Find out where to buy tax lien certificates with this guide.

Johnpaul Moses
Johnpaul Moses

Ok, so you’ve mastered the fundamentals of the property game… but are you ready for a new opportunity? 

One that’s not only enticing but could potentially yield a generous ROI? 

We’re talking about tax lien certificates. 

Indeed, you can actually make money by paying someone else’s taxes. 

In this read, we’ll give you the 411 on what tax lien certificates are and, more importantly, where to buy tax lien certificates online. 

So stick around, it’s about to get financially interesting. (It’s cool, we own our geekiness!)

What Is a Tax Lien Certificate?

A tax lien certificate is essentially a document indicating a legal claim against a property with unpaid taxes. When a property owner defaults on their property taxes, the local government swoops in to put a lien on that property. Ouch.


Because municipalities can’t function without tax revenue. Roads don’t pave themselves, after all. To recoup lost funds, the government auctions off these tax lien certificates to investors. 

The government hosts an auction where you, the investor, can buy these certificates. Once you win the bid, you’ve got yourself a legal claim against that property for the amount you paid.

Alright, we’ll get to where to buy tax lien certificates online in a moment, but first…

Why Invest in Tax Lien Certificates?

Let’s kick things off with the obvious: the interest. As the holder of a tax lien certificate, you’re in line to receive interest payments and late fees from the homeowner. 

This isn’t pocket change, mind you. Interest rates on these bad boys can soar as high as 36% annually, depending on the state. So, the math speaks for itself — you stand to make a tidy sum just by letting the clock tick.

And what if the homeowner decides not to pay the overdue taxes? 

Well, you have a legally backed plan B: foreclosure. Within a specific period, usually around 2 years, you can foreclose on the property. 

Then, you’re not just a lien holder… you’re a property owner. All for what the taxes cost, which might be just a fraction of the property’s actual value. (Now are you seeing the potential here?!)

While some investments require deep pockets, tax lien certificates aren’t in that league. You can grab some of these certificates for just a few hundred bucks. 

This accessibility means you can buy multiple tax lien certificates across various real estate markets, spreading your risk like an investment savant. (Keep going, we’re about to get to the good part about where to buy tax lien certificates online!)

The word “guarantee” is rarely associated with investments, but here it is. 


Well, tax liens offer a guaranteed interest rate for a set period, usually 2 years, and they are secured by the property itself. 

That’s right, these investments come with a built-in safety net, at least for a couple of years. But let’s not paint an overly rosy picture. The world of tax liens investing is not without its downsides. 

Since you’re dealing with a property, there are risks like property damage or devaluation to consider. Also, your money is tied up for a set period, making liquidity a concern if you need quick access to your funds.

Where to Buy Tax Lien Certificates Online

As promised, we’re finally ready to share where to buy tax lien certificates online…

We’re thinking you’re pretty intrigued by the idea of buying tax lien certificates online. Good news! More counties are catching up with the digital age, making it easier than ever to invest from the comfort of your own home. (Hello to investing while chillin’ in your PJs on the couch!)

So, here’s how to find these golden opportunities…

Search Google

First things first, let Google be your guide. A quick search using phrases like “buy online property tax” can yield up-to-date information about auctions near and far. This is a straightforward way to get a pulse on what’s happening in the world of online tax lien sales.

Reach Out to Tax Offices

Nothing beats going straight to the source. Call or email tax offices across counties to learn about upcoming auctions. They might not give you a date set in stone, but you’ll likely get an approximation. Obvi, find their contact info online.

Statewide DoR Search

Search DoR (Department of Revenue) websites in each state. It’s there that you can find guidelines for how these tax lien sales go down. Whether online, in person, or a mix of both, these sites will give you the procedural lowdown.

Research Public Notice Websites

Many state websites serve as centralized hubs for current and past sales. Though they don’t provide information on future sales, you can set up alerts so you’re always in the loop. Thank you, automation.

Check Newspapers

Don’t overlook the classics. Local newspapers often carry advertisements for property tax sales. While it might seem a bit old-school, some investors swear by it. Any most newspapers are, you guessed it, online these days, in addition to print.

Looking for more places to scout where to buy tax lien certificates online?

Here are some platforms that facilitate online tax lien certificate buying:

  • GovEase: A trusted platform designed to simplify your tax lien buying experience.
  • Buy Tax Liens Online: This site offers a variety of resources to get you started and keep you informed. (No guessing with that URL, huh?!)

Ready to bid?

Don’t forget to register first. This process varies from one jurisdiction to another and may include fees or other pre-qualifications.

Finalizing your purchase usually involves immediate or near-immediate payment methods like electronic checks or wire transfers. Make sure you read the fine print and know exactly what’s expected.

How Can I Profit from Tax Lien Certificates?

Okie dokie, since we’ve shared several options of where to buy tax lien certificates online… let’s talk about the Benjamins, shall we?

Earning from tax lien certificates isn’t a guessing game… it’s a structured investment. 

The primary ways to profit are through interest payments and late fees paid by the homeowner. These rates are often preset, so it pays to research the best rates.

Another avenue for profits comes into play when homeowners default on their payments. In those cases, you, as the certificate holder, have the legal right to foreclose on the property, often acquiring it for a fraction of its market value. 

And remember, these certificates can often be acquired for just a few hundred dollars, offering a low barrier to entry for potential investors. Sweet!

Final Thoughts About Where to Buy Tax Lien Certificates Online

Your journey into the world of tax lien certificates needn’t be a maze of confusion. Armed with the right information and a keen sense of where to look, you’ll find that this is an investment that’s not just profitable but also easily accessible, especially now that you know where to buy tax lien certificates online.

In addition to the various digital methods we covered above, platforms like GovEase and Buy Tax Liens Online are opening up new vistas for investors. 

So, what’s stopping you from clicking your way to financial growth?

We hope your answer is: nothing.


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