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Introducing Paper Flips by Dolmar Cross — a remarkable new training program that expertly teaches how real estate investors can make sexy profits flipping paper contracts virtually in nearly any U.S. market with 100s of potential opportunities per ZIP code.

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Patrick & JP
Paper Flips Dolmar Cross


Introducing Paper Flips by Dolmar Cross — a remarkable new training program that expertly teaches how real estate investors can make sexy profits flipping paper contracts virtually in nearly any U.S. market with 100s of potential opportunities per ZIP code.

March 2023 (eRelease) – is excited to announce an amazing new real estate investing program: Paper Flips by Dolmar Cross. This unique system is for any investor — newer or seasoned — who wants to close deals as soon as possible without cash, credit, or credentials.

How? By being served the exact blueprint of flipping contracts on a silver platter in an easy-to-understand process.

Paper Flips covers the basic fundamentals of wholesaling, including:

  • Finding markets and sellers: How to pinpoint sexy target markets and quickly find motivated sellers who need your help.
  • Funding deals: Different ways to fund your real estate deals quickly even without credentials, history or other qualifications.
  • Finding buyers: Learn how you can turn your deals into sexy paydays that can easily generate 5 (or even 6) figure paychecks.

What’s great is that you can apply Dolmar’s Paper Flips training in countless markets in the United States—no license or special qualifications needed. Heck, you don’t even need a bank account and you never even have to buy or sell the property itself!

You’re invited to learn from a REAL dealmaking superstar who can accelerate your success in the real estate investing arena.

This training program is smartly laid out in a series of info-packed training modules, plus resources and bonus “amplifier training” sessions. Each module is separated into easy-to-follow media (videos and audios) carefully explaining how you can profit from this sexy strategy of flipping paper contracts.

Paper Flips Includes:

  • First things: foundation and fundamentals of flipping paper contracts
  • The Goods: why and how you should embrace this paper flipping opportunity
  • Wholesaling paper: for the win – fast!
  • MLS: getting access
  • Realtors: ways you can help each other
  • Helping Hand: how you can help people while making great money
  • $$$: access to Paper Flips funding
  • Double Close: smartest and easiest way to close deals
  • Funds: 9 ways to fund your deals
  • Lenders: private, hard, REAL, and more
  • Finder: understanding and finding the right markets
  • Process: the right steps for finding deals
  • Buyers: getting them quickly
  • Horse’s mouth: real success stories from students
  • Marketing: the best strategies
  • Speak Up: how to talk with sellers and buyers
  • Offers: how to make winning offers
  • Pricing: how to price it right
  • Closing: what it looks like, best practices
  • Payday: how to get paid quickly
  • Pro tips: in every module
  • And much more…

The Paper Flips Bottom Line…

Paper Flips gives newer and seasoned real estate investors all of the necessary ingredients, plus the expert knowledge, guidance and action steps needed to become a contract-flipping superstar. Paper Flips enables you to go make fast, easy, sexy money in real estate while helping people. Turning what you find in your 60-second search into deal after deal… quickly cashing sexy checks of $3,000 to $14,000.

A Note from JP Moses, President of Awesomely:

Dolmar Cross—the Paper Flips genius—has been deal-making for decades AND teaching people for many, many years.

Not only does Dolmar love doing deals, he’s also passionate about teaching folks about the industry he loves and helping them find success. With some of his own big-time goof-ups along the way, Dolmar is the perfect combination of humility, legit real-world experience, and honesty — all mixed with a proven, lengthy track record of big wins, lessons learned and REI technology.

If you’re serious about starting or accelerating your real estate investing journey, we invite you to this incredible opportunity. When it comes to paper flipping, you want to learn from the one-and-only Dolmar Cross.

  • With this training, he shows you how to quickly flip contracts — by following his proven, step-by-step process.
  • Plus, your Paper Flips path to success will be accelerated by our first-rate tools, resources, amplifier sessions, scripts and best practices that you can swipe and deploy in your own real estate investing endeavors.

Bottom Line: Anyone can be successful with this paper-flipping strategy in just about any market — virtually and in your own backyard. Paper Flips prepares newer and seasoned investors to embrace and dominate the very profitable paper-flipping segment in real estate — as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Get a “sneak peek” inside Paper Flips with Dolmar Cross here…

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