A Chinese Hurdler, a Kickboxer and a Crazy Homeless Guy Walk Into a Bar…

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One of our biggest core philosophies around here is the firm belief that contrary to what you may feel, your “Inner Game” is critically important to your success. So today, we’ll expand that beautiful mind of yours with 3 of the funniest videos you’ll ever see. Let’s go…

Patrick & JP
Patrick & JP
3 Guys in a Bar

OK, check this out…

One of our biggest core philosophies around here is the firm belief (based on our own experiences) that contrary to what you may feel, your “Inner Game” is critically important to your success — far more so than any real estate investing strategy, tactic, or system.

It’s the 6 inches of real estate between your ears that ultimately makes or breaks you.

Which is precisely why we serve up a little slice of “mindset” fresh, hot, and tasty on a regular basis, in addition to all the business-y stuff.

And today’s one of those times, my friend… except this one’s a little… whelp, different

Today we’re going rogue. So, 3 things are about to happen here:

  • We will show you 3 of the funniest videos ever.
  • After each of them, we will extract actual, real-life value out of them together.
  • You will be invited to chime in with your own thoughts. [always appreciated 😊]

Ready, Freddie?

Let’s do this…

Chinese Hurdler Just Doesn’t Care

OK, so when I first saw this, I posted it to Facebook and a long-time friend of mine promptly commented:

“Lol, this is a fairly accurate analogy of how I personally succeed in life and business…”

Fair enough.

Watch and enjoy…


So this is pretty much our chronological assessment of the awesomeness that just happened here…

Starts strong, then flounders right out of the gate. Literally screws up his very first hurdle.

Ah well, who cares.

Just keep running. It’s bound to get better.

Nope, it doesn’t.

Smacks squarely into the very next hurdle.

Then another.


Doesn’t stop.

Never stops.

Just keeps obliterating hurdles.

Rules? What rules?

Just keep running, dang it.

Just keep moving forward.

Falls down.


Springs back up.

Oops, wrong lane.

Ah well, doesn’t give a crap. Just keeps running.

Like no one else even matters.

Not the audience.

Not the TV cameras.

Sure as heck, not the other runners.

No one else even exists.

Just keep getting up and running like Forrest Gump with no leg braces.

Won’t get first, but who cares?

At least he’s finishing what he started.

Like a boss.

The end.

P.S. — Hey look, got 2nd place.


Who cares. Got SECOND.

Let’s get a beer.

Lessons here? Replace this guy’s race with your life, and hopefully, you’ll get it.


Funniest Knockout Ever

Honestly, we’re not even sure we thought this was possible.

Is it possible? Maybe it’s not. Take a look and see for yourself…

Pretty sure that’s just the awesomest thing that ever happened in the history of the world that week.

So what is that… a tie?! Lol, we dunno. But let’s consider these…


Everyone gets knocked flat out sometimes. E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E. Even the most successful guy or gal out there has their share of jaw-crunching moments, both in their past and in their future.

There’s a reason it’s called “The School of Hard Knocks” after all, and sorry, but no one gets to test out.

Truth be told, no matter how much knowledge or experience you have, no matter how much training you’ve endured, or how much success you’ve enjoyed… everyone will get their clock cleaned every once in a while. It’s not “if” but “when,” even for the best of the best.

We’re entrepreneurs, and we take risks. So it just comes with the territory.

So what do you do?

For starters, see our Chinese hurdle guy in the previous video. He knows what to do.

That’s right, you get back up. You learn from it, and then you keep moving forward. It all becomes a part of your fascinating success story.

You can’t soar without falling sometimes. It’s called failing forward.

As for the part about both guys knocking each other out at the same time… well that’s just freaking funny right there.

Let’s move on to…

Crazy Guy Gives Very Motivational Speech

It’s hard to really set this one up, so let’s just dive right in, shall we?

Now, I’m not gonna lie. This wackadoodle right here might just be crazier than a soup sandwich, and that video definitely made me laugh till I cried the first 6 times I watched it. (My kids actually request this video on a regular basis now.)

But ya know, the great Jimi Hendrix once said,

“You have to go on and be crazy. Craziness is like heaven.”

And Dr. Seuss said,

“Being crazy isn’t enough.”

Look, I’m not saying this guy’s the Tony Robbins of the homeless shelter. (And, of course, we’re not crackin’ on his situation or likely mental health issues.) But let’s crawl inside his mirror of confusion together for a moment and see what value may be uncovered in there.

Here’s a transcription of our wily friend’s soliloquy, with some of my own amplifications mixed in…

What is the meaning of life?

To live in the mystery and to find purpose.

To live in the now.

Magic… Of… Now!


{ JP: Finding purpose in what you do… this is actually one of the most important challenges we face in life, isn’t it? Far too many of us are doing what we do simply because it’s what we’ve always done… or because it’s easy… or because it’s expected of us. But for those of us who actually uncover our purpose in life, and then “live in the now,” finding a way to accomplish that purpose daily… well, that’s pretty special. And worthwhile, don’t you think? }

What’s your most adventurous memory?

This! I remember this!

This is an adventure!

This is the memory…


{ JP: How often do we needlessly dwell in the past? How often do we allow the past — whether trials or triumphs — to own us, and keep us from really maximizing the moments we’re in right now? Learn the lessons of your past, but use those lessons today to create awesomeness. I’m no Buddhist, but I think Buddha said this well: “Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.” }

What advice do you have for younger generations?

Younger generations?

Live in the moment!

Don’t get old!

Don’t judge people, because you can’t be free if you judge people!

Love now!

Create! Inspire!



{ JP: Lol, don’t get old?!? What is “old” anyway? I remember the day I turned 40 a friend of mine told me that I’m the oldest teenager he’s ever known. I say old age is simply a ‘state of mind’ — and enjoying life to the fullest can keep you young. Being yucky, depressed, judgmental, or otherwise negative… these things will age you faster than anything. Having a vision and a defined purpose that excites you gives you something to get moving and focus on every day — makes you vibrant and youthful. Being creative keeps you young. Being inspired and inspiring others keeps you young. So very much of it’s all in your head, man. }

How do you define freedom?

By doing what you love! This! The moment!

Love now!

It repeats! Puh-COCK!

{ JP: Freedom = doing what you love? Dang right. Puh-COCK! }

What other advice do you have for us?

Homeless Guy Love Now

That you’re always doing what’s in your heart.

You can’t get away from your heart, because life is a paradox.

It’s a mirror of confusion.

So… love now!

{ JP: Don’t let culture or the world around you determine your path — carve it out yourself. You owe it to yourself. Life may paradoxically confuse the heck out of you sometimes, but you still get to write your own script. Don’t let anyone take that from you easily. }

Who do you love?

I love all of you!

{ JP: Me too! }

In conclusion, thank you, crazy dude, for your deceptively hilarious insights.

The 6 Big Lessons Here

  1. Expect the School of Hard Knocks to educate you.
  2. Embrace the lessons, learn from them, then move on. Fail forward.
  3. Don’t stop. Never stop. Just keep obliterating those hurdles, rules be damned.
  4. Find your purpose, then live in the now.
  5. Create. Inspire. Don’t get old.
  6. Thhhpppppppptttt!


We literally can’t wait to hear ‘em. Talk to us in the comments section below.

Pretty please. ❤️


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