Announcing: “Inbound Arbitrage” by Rob Swanson

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Unique training for brand new and seasoned real estate investors alike!

JP Moses
JP Moses


Introducing Inbound Arbitrage an innovative new training program that teaches both brand new and experienced real estate investors how to become a “wealth miner” and profit from buying & selling real estate leads. 

February 2024 (eRelease) – is thrilled to announce a brand new real estate investing program: Inbound Arbitrage by Rob Swanson. 

This unique training is for brand new and seasoned real estate investors who are looking to earn additional income or replace their 9-5 jobs altogether. Inbound Arbitrage teaches investors how they can build their business by acquiring and selling leads to real estate investors. 

But that’s not all. 

Inbound Arbitrage also teaches you how to build your platform so that real estate investors in your area will view you as the go-to source for real estate leads now and in the future. 

  • The Inbound Arbitrage training program is ingeniously divided up into a series of jam-packed video modules, plus tools, resources, and bonus “amplifier training” sessions.
  • Each training module is broken down into easy-to-follow media (videos and audios) that explain how you — regardless of your prior real estate experience — can become an Inbound Arbitrage pro. 

Inbound Arbitrage Includes:

  • Kick Start: explaining the fundamentals of real estate leads 
  • Misconceptions: you don’t have to be a real estate investor to profit from this unique strategy 
  • Lead Packages: discover how to create them
  • Scratch: How to start from scratch 
  • Sell: How to sell a lead multiple times
  • Risk: How to do this strategy with zero risk 
  • Pricing: how to price your leads fairly & profitably 
  • Residual Income Stream: Learn how to create one
  • Get Paid: Regardless of whether the deal goes through or not
  • And much more…

The Inbound Arbitrage Bottom Line…

Inbound Arbitrage gives both brand new and seasoned real estate investors all the tools, plus expert knowledge and guidance necessary to sell leads again and again and become an Inbound Arbitrage Pro. 

A note from JP Moses, President Awesomely

Rob Swanson, an active real estate dealmaker & Inbound Arbitrage expert, has helped 100,000+ in-person, online, & 1-on-1 coaching in real estate investing. If that’s not enough, he’s been investing in real estate for 25+ years in 20+ states, 30+ cities.

His ‘super-powers’ include making a complex subject like real estate investing “so simple anyone can understand & benefit from it,” and crafting the very best systems, top-shelf tools and unique strategies. 

  • With this training, Rob will break down how you can profit risk free from selling recurring leads. 
  • You’ll learn step by step how to acquire and sell your first lead.
  • Plus, your Inbound Arbitrage route to success will be accelerated by our first-class tools, resources, amp training videos, demos and best practices!

Bottom Line: Anyone — whether you’re a real estate newbie or you already have a few deals under your belt — can be successful with this Inbound Arbitrage strategy. 

Regardless of your past experience, Inbound Arbitrage teaches everything you need to do to acquire and sell your first lead — and keep doing it to earn side income or a full time gig — with zero risk involved. 

Get a sneak peek inside Inbound Arbitrage here…

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Disclaimer: is not a law firm or legal counsel. Consult a legal professional and/or financial professional before taking action on anything from Inbound Arbitrage by Rob Swanson.



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