Announcing: “Family Bank Funding” by Cameron Dunlap

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Introducing Family Bank Funding by Cameron Dunlap, a new training program that expertly explains how real estate investors can tap into, systematically profit from, and then dominate the very profitable surplus opportunity market of foreclosure properties in any U.S. market.

Patrick & JP
Patrick & JP
“Family Bank Funding” by Cameron Dunlap


Introducing Family Bank Funding by Cameron Dunlap, a new training program that expertly explains how real estate investors can tap into, systematically profit from, and then dominate the very profitable surplus opportunity market of foreclosure properties in any U.S. market.

January 2021 (eRelease) – is excited to announce an amazing new real estate investing program: Family Bank Funding by Cameron Dunlap. This unique system is for newer investors who want to land their first deal as soon as possible by focusing on only the details they need. FBF covers specifics of an opportunity market, changes in the foreclosure arena plus:

  • Funding deals: Ways to quickly get your hands on funds you need to close deals. Plus, how FBF can provide you with transactional funding at no cost.
  • Finding deals: Seize the emerging surplus opportunity market, using levels of opportunities that are hiding in plain sight, such as pre-bank, pre-list and post-list foreclosures.
  • Flipping deals: All i’s dotted and t’s crossed on multiple exit strategies and how you can land the right buyers quickly so you can collect paychecks as soon as possible. 

What’s great is that you can apply Cam’s foreclosure training in just about every market in the United States. You’re invited to learn from an REI expert who can accelerate your success starting right now.

Inside the Family Bank Funding

The Family Bank Funding program is smartly laid out in a series of info-packed training modules, plus resources, bonus “amplifier training” sessions and more. Each module is separated into easy-to-understand media (videos and audios) carefully explaining how you can profit from the emerging surplus opportunity market with foreclosure homes — from how to embrace the surplus opportunity, to funding the deal, including:

  • In Your Mind: Getting your mindset right for success
  • The Goods: Why and how you should embrace the surplus opportunity market
  • Wholesaling: for the win – fast!
  • MLS: getting access
  • Realtors: why you want them as your BFF
  • Helping Hand: how you can help people while making great money
  • $$$: access to free FBF funding
  • Lists: pre-list, post-list deals, pre-bank
  • Double Close: smartest and easiest way to close deals
  • Funds: 5 ways to fund your deals
  • Foreclosures: bank foreclosure 101 + 3 exciting opps
  • Lenders: commercial, private, hard, FBF
  • Approaches: analog and agile methods
  • Finder: understanding and finding the right prospects
  • Focus: zero in on only the details you need by going inch wide and a mile deep
  • Process: the right steps for finding deals
  • Buyers: getting them quickly
  • Marketing: the best ads and where to run them
  • Speak Up: how to talk with sellers and buyers
  • Offers: how to make winning offers
  • Flip: the best exit strategies
  • More Gas: why wholesaling is the acceleration engine
  • Pricing: how to price it right
  • Contracts: don’t reinvent the wheel
  • Ads: exactly what to write and where to run them
  • Closing: what it looks like, biggest mistakes, best practices
  • Payday: how to get paid quickly
  • Pro tips: in every module
  • And much more…
Cam Teaching

The Family Bank Funding Bottom Line…

Family Bank Funding gives newer real estate investors all of the necessary ingredients, plus the expert knowledge, guidance and action steps needed to become an effective wholesale & foreclosure investor. This program enables you to go an inch wide and a mile deep so you can quickly land your first deal AND payday, all while helping people.

Cam Dunlap and Family Bank…

A note from JP Moses, President Awesomely: Cam Dunlap — Family Bank Funding genius — has been deal-making for over 27 years AND teaching people with REI tools he’s created since 1995.

Still happily doing deals today as the founder and CEO of Real Estate Wealth Network, Cam is also passionate about teaching folks about the industry he loves and helping them find success. With some of his own goof ups along the way, Cam is the perfect combination of humility, legit real-world experience, integrity and innovative prowess — all mixed with a proven, lengthy track record full of huge wins, lessons learned and real estate investing inventions.

If you’re serious about starting your real estate investing journey, we invite you to this incredible opportunity. When it comes to wholesaling and foreclosures, you want to learn from the one-and-only Cam Dunlap.

  • With this training, he shows you how to quickly flip wholesale foreclosure deals — by focusing on only the details you need.
  • Plus, your FBF path to success will be accelerated by our first-rate tools, resources, amp sessions, scripts and best practices that you can “swipe-and-deploy” in your own REI endeavors.

Bottom Line: Anyone can be successful with this foreclosure strategy in just about any market — virtually and in your own backyard. The Family Bank Funding prepares newer real estate investors to embrace and dominate the very profitable surplus opportunity market in real estate — as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Learn more about Family Bank Funding in Cam’s free presentation here…

Reviewing the Family Bank Funding…

Awesomely is a crew of real estate investor-entrepreneurs who, with a healthy dose of core values and culture, have banded together to provide exceptional training, coaching, tools and resources for other awesome investors. In short, Awesomely is real estate investing for awesome people.

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Disclaimer: is not a law firm or legal counsel. Consult a legal professional and/or financial professional before taking action on anything from Family Bank Funding, Cameron Dunlap or Awesomely, LLC.



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