The Best Tax Yields Deal Ever

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I got something awesome for you today! A super-cool success story from Phil Kessler about scoring his best Tax Yields investment — EVER. Go ahead and take a gander at this awesome deal now…

JP Moses
JP Moses
The Best Tax Yields Deal Ever
JP Moses

Whelp, JP here with something awesome for you…

A super-cool success story from Phil Kessler about scoring his best Tax Yields investment — EVER.

Lemme back up for a second, though… because you might be scratching your head wondering who Phil is and what Tax Yields are.

I’ve got you, no worries.

So, Tax Yields by Jay Drexel is an awesome training program that skillfully teaches real estate investors to tap into a unique asymmetric opportunity with high potential upside, low downside risk, and super-low competition that can be done in countless U.S. markets.

Jay and his co-teacher, Phil Kessler, created this Tax Yields program, and we here at Awesome REI helped them get it to you, fine folks.

And yes, I realize saying this was Phil’s best Tax Yields deal ever is saying a lot.

If you’ve been through this training, then you know he’s a crazy-good dealmaker — tax yields are his day-to-day norm.

But this deal is different from the others in several ways. I know this because I immediately hopped on a video call with Phil to get all the details.

We chatted about:

  • High-level outcomes for these tax yields that Phil bought 5 years ago
  • How Phil landed 20 tax lien lots near Phoenix for only back taxes owed
  • Why these parcels are unique and interesting for “fringe investing”
  • Phil’s awesome “secret ninja trick” for mapping & zeroing in on hot money in the area
  • The “path of progress” value play he exploited, which scaled his ROI to 200%
  • How to turn $40-$50 …into $3,000-$4,000 …into $10,000-$12,000 …times 20!
  • The smart strategy he used from the training and where we covered it in the program
  • How to recognize these unique opportunities again in the future

So, take a gander at this awesome deal…

Like I said, we covered everything Phil did to make this his best investment ever — for reals. And I just had to share it with you, too. I suggest you dive into that video above right away…

And if you haven’t gone through the Jay Drexel and Phil’s Tax Yields training program, I strongly encourage you to check it out today. So awesome!

Happy Investing,


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