The Best Tax Lien Investing Course Today

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Learn how to invest in tax liens with the best tax lien investing course today.

Johnpaul Moses
Johnpaul Moses

If you’re looking for an investment option with high potential upside, low downside & risk, super-low competition and even one that’s pandemic-proof, tax lien investing may be the perfect fit for you!

The biggest barrier to entry into this profitable real estate investing method is not money or resources …

… it’s education. 

Sure, you can read books and watch brief videos online about tax lien investing. 

But …

Wouldn’t it be great to have someone who’s succeeded with this strategy walk you through it from start to finish, and provide real life examples along the way?!

Well, that’s where a tax lien course comes in!

But not just any tax lien course …

The best tax lien course … or, as we like to say, the most awesome tax lien investing course!

In this article, we’ll break down everything you need to know about the best tax lien course available today. 

Before we get to that, you may be wondering …

What is Tax Lien Investing? 

Did you know that each year, homeowners in the U.S. fail to pay about $14 billion in property taxes?

It’s true, thanks to a study conducted by the National Tax Lien Association.

In the event that a homeowner falls behind in paying their property taxes, the county or municipality will often place what’s known as a tax lien against the property. 

Why does this happen?

It ensures that the property can’t be refinanced or sold — until the back taxes are paid in full.

Instead of the county or municipality governments waiting for repayment of property taxes, they can choose to sell tax lien certificates at auctions to private investors so that they can regain the income.

If you bid and purchase a tax lien certificate at an auction — these can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars, depending upon the property itself — you will receive the interest payments and late fees paid by the homeowner if they pay.

This means you will earn back your initial investment, along with interest.

This is what makes tax lien investing so advantageous, since the interest rates range from 2% to 18% around the country!

Now, let’s say the homeowner doesn’t pay the taxes and penalties. 

What happens then?

You have the legal right to foreclose on the property.

So here’s the question: What’s the only thing standing between you and earning passive income through tax yields? 

The right education …

And that’s where the best tax lien course comes in!

What Should You Look For in a Tax Lien Course?

Like any educational tool, you don’t want to take the first tax lien course you find; You want to look for specific qualities about the course before taking it. 

What separates a tax lien course from the best tax lien course on the market today are the following traits. 

Trusted and Reputable Source

You want to take a tax lien course from a trusted and reputable source — someone who has been there, done that, and can tell you the mistakes he or she made, and how you can avoid those same mistakes. 


Tax Lien courses should be offered at an affordable price point. 


Any tax lien course can discuss the surface level of wholesaling … 

But what makes one course the best is that it walks you through the nuances of tax lien investing — from how to purchase one, where to find an auction, how to diversify and balance your tax lien portfolio and much more. 


Tax yields can be an exciting venture by meeting similar minded people, attending auctions, and earning monthly income!

What makes a tax yield course the best today is that it communicates all things tax liens in an entertaining way that keeps you watching and learning. 

The Best Tax Lien Investing Course Today

Jay Drexel was completely broke — so broke that, in 2015, he was living in his mom’s basement. 

It’s true!

Then, he heard about tax liens

Although his first tax sale was a complete bust, the silver lining was that he met an investor who helped show him the ropes. 

With less than $100 bucks, Jay did his first deal and continued slowly with small deals to build up from there.

Fast forward to today, and Jay owns 500+ Tax Yield investments! 

Jay and his co-teacher, Phil Kessler, have a passion for helping others like Jay: interested in tax liens, but unsure how to start. 

Jay and Phil teach “Government Tax Yields”, the best tax lien course today. 

In the course, you’ll learn how to flood your bank account with monthly tax yield payouts of $885.56… $1,248.33… $2,061.21 or much more. More specifically, you’ll discover step by step:

  • How to tap into the asymmetric opportunity of tax liens and deeds.
  • How you can invest 100% passively for assured double-digit returns by getting tax-delinquent properties for just the cost of back taxes owed — from anywhere remotely, with any amount of money.
  • First-class tools, resources, amplifier training videos, demos and best practices for your own real estate investing endeavors to help you in the process. 

Best of all, the Tax Yields training course is divided up into a series of jam-packed video modules, plus tools, resources, bonus “amplifier training” sessions and even more, guaranteed to not only educate you, but keep you entertained along the way!

The Bottom Line: Best Tax Lien Investing Course Today

Investing in tax lien certificates can certainly be profitable!

But we’ll be honest: it can be difficult if you don’t have the right training.

That’s why, similar to Jay, it’s critical to arm yourself with the best education today, and that comes from the tax lien investing course

Whether you’re a new or seasoned investor, anyone can be successful with this Tax Yields strategy in numerous real estate markets across the United States.

Get started today!


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