The Bandit Sign Sneak Attack!

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Today, I wanna share with you a simple ‘hack’ I discovered for bandit sign marketing you can use to boost the motivated seller leads flowing into your business. I call it my “Bandit Sign Sneak Attack” strategy. Let’s go…

Johnpaul Moses
Johnpaul Moses
The Bandit Sign Sneak Attack!

Hey, JP here and I want to share with you a simple ‘hack’ I discovered for bandit sign marketing you can use to boost the motivated seller leads flowing into your real estate investing business.


I call it my “Bandit Sign Sneak Attack” strategy. It’s an unorthodox approach to regular “bandit sign” marketing that really takes it to a different level.

In fact, with my little twist here, this may just turn out to be one of the better deal-getting tricks in your arsenal.

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Sure thing.

It’s a simple, sneaky little marketing hack that I’ve never seen anyone else use, and here’s how it works…

We all know that regular “bandit sign marketing” just, plain works to generate leads quickly and cheaply. But honestly, it’s also a big, fat pain in the rear.

  • You (or someone on your team) get up at 4 am under the cover of darkness to pepper neighborhoods with corrugated plastic signs in highly trafficked places…
  • And since they’re not exactly Kosher with code enforcement, you might even go to the trouble of putting them out on Friday night, then going back out all over again on Sunday night to pick them up.

Obviously doing any of this really sucks.

But here’s a different approach I take that’ll rock your world. A much saner, safer, and (let me tell you) even more profitable way to approach your bandit sign marketing.

Step 1: Choose Your Targets

First, scope out all the neighborhoods you want to work in and specifically look for any and all vacant properties.

And you know the tell-tale signs of a vacant house, right?

Overgrown grass, multiple newspapers in the driveway, mail spilling out of the box, stickers on the doors and windows, untouched phone books on the front porch… you know the drill.

Step 2: Sneak Attack!

Now that you’ve found these vacant properties in your neighborhood of choice, go put out 50 of your “We Buy Houses” bandit signs right in the yards of those 50 vacant properties you’ve identified, all in the same neighborhood.

This can be done all in a single day with some thoughtful organization.

Yes, I’m serious. Just use a standard metal “H” frame and stick it right in the front yard of each vacant house.

Pro tip: If possible, try posting close to the house or a tree—anywhere where they’ll not be in the way and possibly be removed by a bank-hired lawn care service. If you start at 10 AM, you can probably be done by happy hour.

Then just hold tight till the calls start coming in… and they will… You’ll typically start getting calls from three sources: (i) property owners, (ii) neighbors, and (iii) other investor-buyers.

Step 3: Handle Awesomely

Whenever a homeowner calls, they’ll ask why the heck you’ve put a sign in their yard.

Simply tell them that you buy houses and you’re interested in buying their house.

Explain that you wanted to reach out to them, so you tried using the sign, and apparently, it worked!

Once you tell them you have cash and are interested in buying, they’ll probably keep talking.

One of the more interesting aspects of this whole approach is the impact it ends up having on all the neighbors around the vacant houses.

Once they see your signs all over the area for 10 blocks, they start thinking, “Wow, this guy must be buying houses all over the area!”

And here’s the beauty in this: Whenever any of them happen to be in a motivated seller scenario, you, of course, become the logical go-to person, since you’re clearly the dominant house buyer in the area.

And while you’re fielding all the calls from neighbors and homeowners, you’ll definitely get calls from other investors too, who are also active in the area and suddenly noticed your signs everywhere.

Make the connection, add them to your cash buyers list, and then once you get your next property under contract in the area, call them back and sell it to them.

The Pièce de Résistance

And here’s something you don’t want to miss:

You won’t get in trouble with code enforcement.


Because you’ve placed signs in the yards of private properties, not on telephone poles or in the medians of busy intersections. Code enforcement pays little-to-no attention to signs posted in residential yards like this.

How beautiful is that?!?

So that’s it… now go use this strategy.

Create an internal business system to routinely go out just one day per month and put out another 50 bandit signs on vacant properties. Or better yet, hire a couple of teenagers looking for an extra buck to go do it for you.

Just make it happen, and you’ll find yourself doing more deals and making more money as a result.

Well, what do you think? Would honestly love to hear a comment from you below with your thoughts on this little bandit sign hack.


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