Awesomely Is Not A Scam. Here’s Proof.

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Another website has claimed Awesomely is a scam. Here’s why they’re wrong.

Johnpaul Moses
Johnpaul Moses

Ok, we want to talk about something kinda serious today. Sure, everything we share about real estate, in our training programs, and crypto info is serious. We pride ourselves on offering accurate, real-world details to help the average Joe investor, seasoned pros, and others begin or level-up their real estate and crypto businesses. 

But today, we want to address something quite serious and even a little icky. Something scammy, if you will. Something that just doesn’t sit right with us here at Awesomely or reflect who we truly are as a company.

We’re talking about scams. (Shiver.) Less about what is scammy and more about what isn’t — namely, Awesomely and the programs we produce that have helped nearly 170,000 folks live awesomer.

Here’s the deal… 

A website is claiming that we — a top-notch, ethical company that produces credible resources and training — are, well, a scam. (SMH.) Sadly, they failed to reach out to us here at Awesomely about the supposed scams and chose to write BS without confirming or validating it with any evidence or proof… they don’t want to listen to what we actually do here on the daily to help folks… and honestly, they lied about us. 

For shame, I know.

Now, we know that saying someone’s pants are on fire is pretty severe. Unfortunately, that’s the real scam — this cringy company simply isn’t telling the truth about Awesomely. In fact, they seem to be pretty darn scammy because they clearly didn’t do the proper vetting and research before writing nonsense about us and so-called scams. 

You might notice that we’re not even mentioning the name of this crappy website that did this dastardly deed to us. They simply don’t deserve the recognition. See, alls they did was latch onto the one or two not great reviews we’ve gotten from a couple disgruntled folks. Because you can’t please everyone all the time, of course. And they completely failed to research or acknowledge the hundreds of positive, verified, unsolicited real reviews we get on a daily basis.

Just take a peek at BBB, TrustPilot, Facebook, and even Google, and you’ll see what I mean. Glowing reviews from our many happy customers.

Now, even with all that awesome feedback from real people, you might still be thinking, well, “How do I know if Awesomely and its training programs are a scam or not?” 

Excellent question! Here’s how… rather than being defensive, we’re just gonna hit you with some truth and facts.

Let’s take some of the specifics the iffy website wrote about us and share the truth: 

  1. They ragged on our customer service.
    Sure, we know some companies operate with “customer no service,” but that is definitely not Awesomely. Allow us to share some proof:
    • Live Chat Customer Support Heroes response time: 31 seconds
    • Email response time: 2 hrs. 12 mins.
    • Live phone & chat support: Monday-Friday, 9am–5pm EST (Not a bot! A human!) 
    • Support Heroes have successfully helped 2,228 people by phone
    • BBB rating:  A+ 
    • Testimonial: “Wow! Just shocked that a company operates with this wonderful and nearly unheard-of integrity and professionalism. Truly outstanding and a much-needed, delightful surprise. Thak you very much for watching out for me!!!” Eric B., California, Jan. 29, 2024, Member Programs: The Capital Syndicate, Default Deals, One Day Flip
    • Testimonial: “Didn’t expect such a quick reply. Thanks!” Bonnie S., Washington, Jan. 26, 2024, Member Programs: The Capital Syndicate, Lead Gen Website

It gets better! 

Our Support Heroes are not outsourced, they are Awesomely team members, who are fully capable of actually answering questions about our programs — not just passing the call off to another person — so there’s zero delay in providing the needed info to customers. We think you’d agree that’s a huge asset and benefit over (lame) companies that have a third party attempting to offer support and specific program knowledge, like our team does.

Good start, right? 

No worries, we’ve got more to set these scammy shenanigans straight.

2. The icky website complained that our pricing is wonky. The truth?

    • We are 100% transparent in our pricing. 
    • We have several programs that only cost $97, which includes everything members need to implement the program. They can be successful without purchasing any add-ons/upgrades. That means, we show the price up front, and it doesn’t get bloated to crazy-higher prices at checkout. What you see is what you pay.
    • Upgrades are 100% optional/not required. 
    • Every upgrade has a “No Thanks” button, easily allowing customers to pass.

Now, that’s not the end all and be all of course, but we’re pretty confident those important counterpoints say the opposite of scam. 

But here’s yet another critical detail you should know…

Essentially, the yucky website that’s trash-talking us is spending money to run traffic to its site by claiming everyone else is a scammer but them. Zero due diligence or accuracy. They make up bad stuff and exaggerations about other companies’ offers and programs, then link to their offer. 

Again, shameful. (Their moms certainly wouldn’t approve!)

So, if Awesomely is not a scam… what do we do?

In a nutshell, we partner with smart, successful investors, teachers, and mentors to create professional training programs for those who want to start or level-up their real estate investing or crypto business. 

And we do this with our customers always in mind. We want to do right by them. See, we think, “What if this was our mom, grandad, niece, or even ourselves?” That “do unto others” line means something here at Awesomely. We want to make lives awesomer. 

Sure, we’re not saving lives, but the value we provide does help people live better, support their family, be more generous, and enjoy a balanced, healthy lifestyle — all good things, wouldn’t you say?

And! Many of us are actually investors and entrepreneurs as well, currently doing deals in the plethora of ways we teach: from wholesaling to tax yields and land deals, to landlording, subject to, rehabbing, and countless other specialty niches. Legit!

Plus, we just launched our first crypto program: Automatic Payment Pools!

“We’re delighted that we surpassed our original company’s mission of helping 100,000 real estate investors boost their businesses with insightful knowledge, gold-standard training, and unique guidance that accelerates profits, enhances results and, ultimately, makes life better, awesomer, and more rewarding in meaningful ways,” said Patrick Riddle, Awesomely’s founder. “We’re grateful to continue helping even more people now, every day.”

Oh, here’s something else that makes us unique and sooo not scammy — it’s basically a requirement on each of our training programs that our partners share their goofs, mistakes, and major whoopsies. We want you to learn from our mistakes, so you avoid them! 

Does that sound like a scam? Um, we’re gonna say it sounds like a relief.

Our founder, as well as our president, also frequently share their unfortunate tours in the School of Hard Knocks — and boy were they doozies. These guys have the humility and sympathy to admit their disasters, all so our customers don’t experience the same awful situations. Cringe-worthy, yep… scammy, nope.

Now think about this, too…

Could we have grown from just 2 people as a startup to over 40 amazing team members all over the world — United States, the Philippines, Dubai — who have helped more than 165,000 people… if we were a bunch of scam artists?! 

Of course not! We’d have been “caught” or debunked years ago. Uh, we believe in karma.

And! In addition to those awesome, positive reviews we shared earlier, others have taken note of our growth. For the 2nd year in a row, Awesomely (formerly Awesome REI) landed on the critical Inc. 5000 list of the fastest-growing companies in the U.S., ranking at No. 715. The success of this Inc. 5000 achievement means a lot, because it’s proof that the team is excelling in our mission to serve people awesomely. Our company was also included on 2022’s list.

See, we’re guided by our mission to inspire, empower, and equip people to live Awesomely. We implement this by offering specialized knowledge, world-class training, and rare insights that accelerate profits, amplify results, and, ultimately, make folks’ lives easier, awesomer, and more rewarding in meaningful ways.

Every day, we aim to do good, using our core values, ideals, and healthy team culture, with a giant dose of appreciation for the opportunity to help people.

“It’s incredible that our organization and customers have a celebrated history of success,” said JP Moses, Awesomely’s president and director of awesome, “which promotes continued success now and in the future, as we branch out into other realms of awesomeness in addition to real estate investing!”

By now, it’s pretty clear that Awesomely is a bunch of down-to-earth people who truly want what’s best for others. 

So then, who aren’t we?

Well, others do practice shady pricing, full of gotchas. As we said, our pricing is fully transparent. On our website, you won’t find that super-annoying airline or hotel pricing system that tacks on lots of dollars with each click of your mouse. 

Some companies make you spend hours waiting for customer service to finally answer your call, just to be unhelpful, rude, or even hang up on you. Awesomely is the polar opposite. And we intentionally hired some of the nicest, most empathetic Support Heroes we could find — who also understand our programs to troubleshoot everything from billing issues to questions about a step in the program to refunds. Their kindness and understanding even blows our mind sometimes.

While others nickel and dime you for every tiny “special” thing that would be helpful on whatever path you’ve chosen, we consistently offer FREE resources: like our numerous super-informative blog posts, weekly Daily Dose of Awesome educational emails, and downloads like contracts, scripts, ads, and more. 

Heck, every program has a 30-day money back guarantee — if a member asks for a refund within those 30 days, they get a full refund, no questions asked. Done and done.

Now look, we don’t expect you to just take our word for all this. Here are some actual, real human (unsolicited!) reviews that speak to the integrity and non-scamminess of Awesomely:

  • “Training is very well done, but it doesn’t stop there. Awesomely also connects the students with their network to greater outcomes. Money well invested.” Diann R., Pennsylvania, Jan. 26, 2023, 5 Stars on BBB
  • “Awesome training!! Clear and concise. Customer Support is helpful as well. Some of the training sites have a different look and navigation, however, Customer Support will help with any questions that you have.” Gail C., North Carolina, Jan. 15, 2024, 5 Stars on BBB, Member: The Capital Syndicate, Lead Gen Website upgrade
  • “Wonderful platform of educational programs with excellent customer service. Very happy with them!” Nina K., California, Jan 1, 2024, 5 Stars on BBB, Member: Default Deals, The Capital Syndicate, Tax Yields, One Day Flip

Alrighty then… 

All this demonstrates that Awesomely truly wants our customers to succeed. We fulfill this through our team’s willingness to continue serving our customers, esteemed colleagues, members, insiders, and co-entrepreneurs awesomely in this exciting, incredibly profitable real estate investing and crypto journey.

You see, Awesomely is the good guys and gals. 

Not the barfy scammers running the bogus rip-offs.

Still not enough for you? 

We understand. So, we invite you to give us a call, and we’ll patiently answer any questions you have and show you that what we do is on the up and up.

Scam just isn’t Awesomely. It’s not who we are or what we do.

Now, here’s to you living Awesomely!


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