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An exciting and brand new new crypto investing program!

Johnpaul Moses
Johnpaul Moses


Introducing Automatic Payment Pools — an innovative new training program that teaches both new and experienced crypto investors how to profit from liquidity pools — whether the market is going up or down. 

February 2024 (eRelease) – is thrilled to announce a brand new crypto investing program: Automatic Payment Pools by Andy Howard. This groundbreaking training is for beginner and experienced crypto investors alike who want to discover the lucrative world of decentralized finance and liquidity pools.

Automatic Payment Pools teaches investors how they can collect passive income through transaction fees every time someone buys or sells crypto around the world.

That’s right — there are other ways to take advantage of the hot crypto market in addition to buying and holding coins such as Bitcoin or Etherum. By investing in liquidity pools, you can become a liquidity provider — and generate fee payments passively. You just have to know how to do it step by step, which is exactly what Automatic Payment Pools will teach you. 

Andy not only provides you with everything you need to know about liquidity pools; he levels up your crypto knowledge, making the complexities of things like crypto & Bitcoin simple and understandable so that you can invest with confidence.

  • The Automatic Payment Pools training program is ingeniously divided up into a series of jam-packed video modules, plus tools, resources, bonus “amplifier training” sessions and even a weekly mastermind group. 
  • Each training module is broken down into easy-to-follow media (videos and audios) that clearly explain how you can become an Automatic Payment Pools expert investor. You’ll be equipped to create an exchange account, buy and sell crypto, find a liquidity pool, and best of all, profit from this untapped form of investing. 

Automatic Payment Pools Includes:

  • Kick Start: explaining crypto essentials including de-fi, exchange accounts, wallets, & more
  • Understanding: what this untapped opportunity is all about
  • Misconceptions: don’t buy into them; crypto is for anyone and everyone
  • Security: how you can secure your crypto assets
  • Wallet: how to set up a hot or cold digital wallet 
  • Mindset: get yours right so you can invest confidently 
  • Blockchain: the technology of the future
  • Exchanges: how to navigate Coin Market cap
  • Transaction fees: what they are, how to profit from them
  • Live: attend a weekly crypto mastermind 
  • Pro tips: throughout modules
  • And much more…

The Automatic Payment Pools Bottom Line…

Automated Payment Pools gives new and experienced crypto investors all of the right elements, plus the expert knowledge, guidance and exact steps needed to become an Automatic Payment Pools investor. The program allows you to use this unique opportunity so you can earn passive income … and stay on the pulse of new crypto investing opportunities.

 A note from JP Moses, President Awesomely

Andy Howard was highly skeptical of cryptocurrency for many years.

That’s right — an entrepreneur for 17 years, a business owner and an investor in stocks and real estate, Andy made fun of crypto and people who invested in it.

When he realized crypto wasn’t going away, he decided to see if there was truth to the excitement. Andy discovered that not only was crypto making historic technological breakthroughs; it was a proven way to preserve wealth, protect against inflation and earn passive income.

Fast forward to today, and he has built a 7-figure long-term crypto portfolio with a liquidity pool. He’s also a consultant to a multi-billion dollar real estate hedge fund that is considering expanding to offer a crypto fund.

Andy will be the first to tell you that he’s made a lot of mistakes along the way, but they are mistakes he can prevent others from going through with Automated Payment Pools and the mastermind group that meets live each week.

  • With this training, Andy will lay the groundwork for liquidity pools by first explaining how crypto and de-fi works. 
  • You’ll learn step by step how to set up your first liquidy pool for passive income. 
  • Plus, your route to success will be accelerated by our first-class tools, resources, amp training videos, demos and best practices for your own crypto endeavors!

Bottom Line: Anyone — whether you’re a crypto newbie or you’ve already been investing it — can be successful with this Automatic Payment Pools strategy. Regardless of your past experience, Automatic Payment Pools teaches everything you need to do to set up your liquidy pool and start earning passive income regardless of the market going up or down. 

Get a sneak peek inside Automatic Payment Pools here…

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Disclaimer: is not a law firm or legal counsel. Consult a legal professional and/or financial professional before taking action on anything from Automatic Payment Pools by Andy Howard.



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