Announcing: Awesomely Ranks High Yet Again on Inc. 5000 List for Company Growth

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Inc. 5000 ranks Awesomely as the overall 715th fastest-growing company in the nation.

Patrick & JP
Patrick & JP

This post contains:

  1. A heartfelt personal letter to our friends, family, and inner circle about this exciting, improved achievement, as we bested our ranking from last year!
  2. Our press release about the achievement, intended for Google and the rest of the world who might care to know.

You are welcome to choose your own adventure from here. ッ


Hey there, folks. 👋

JP here, with a brief message about an incredible accomplishment: Our humble operation here at Awesomely has just been honored with an awesome ranking on the Inc. 5000 list of the fastest-growing companies in the US!

Before we share this 2023 ranking, check out 2022’s: No. 1,670 overall for the fastest-growing company in the nation.

This year, we shot up to rank No. 715!

That’s ⇈ equivalent to a whopping 819% 3-year growth!

You can see it all for yourself here on the Inc. 5000 list…

Now, we’re not lookin’ to be braggadocios or pat ourselves on the back… okay, maybe just a smidge. ッ

See, when we started our little company back in 2009, our main focus was — and always will be — on ways to Awesomely serve y’all: our esteemed colleagues, members, insiders, and co-entrepreneurs in this exciting, incredibly profitable real estate investing journey we’re all on together.

For real, the success of this Inc. 5000 achievement means A LOT because it’s proof to ourselves that we are excelling in our mission to serve our people — you — awesomely.

Our goal is to be here with you, helping you continue to level up your game with expert knowledge, world-class training, and rare guidance to accelerate your profits, boost your results, and ultimately make your life easier, awesomer, and more rewarding in truly meaningful ways.

That ⇈ is precisely why we’re here and why we do what we do. Get this: Our original mission was to help 100,000 real estate investors — and we’re delighted to say that we’ve flown past that critical milestone!

As of this writing, we have inspired, enabled, and trained over 150,000(!!) people to level up and live more awesomely. Know what that means? It means we’re well on our way to doubling our original mission of helping 100,000 people.

So, we took a hard look at what we do and realized we can do even more! While the metric is important, we also considered what it really means to help folks like you “Live Awesomely.”

So, we’re in the process of rebranding our company and launching the new Awesomely group very soon. But what hasn’t changed is our core values, ideals, and healthy team culture, with a giant dose of appreciation for the opportunity to help you at an even higher level.

(🥁 drum roll… )

Take a looksie at our fancy new company mission statement — an encouraging decision filter we now use internally for every single thing we do…

Once again, I cordially invite you to check out Awesomely on Inc. 5000’s list of the fastest-growing companies.

Many, many thanks to you for helping us get here! We are truly thankful for your trust and partnership in all this with us. ッ

To your Awesome success,
— JP Moses


Inc. 5000 ranks Awesomely as the overall 715th fastest-growing company in the nation.

Sept. 2023 (eRelease) – is thrilled to announce that it’s been included — for the 2nd year in a row — on the critical Inc. 5000 list of the fastest-growing companies in the US. Awesomely publishes educational courses and training, with insightful guidance about real estate investing, targeting current investors and those just beginning their real estate investing journey.

With a 2023 ranking at No. 715 — that’s a whopping 819% 3-year growth for the South Carolina-based company that began operation just a few years ago in 2009.

Beginning as a small startup with just 2(!) staff members… to growing to a talented team of 43(!), Awesomely’s team is global — in the United States, the Philippines, and Mexico.

Patrick Riddle, Awesomely’s founder, says the company’s fast growth comes from its consistent commitment to the organization’s core values and mission to serve real estate investors “Awesomely.”

“We’re thrilled that Awesomely surpassed our original mission of helping 100,000 real estate investors boost their businesses with insightful knowledge, gold-standard training, and rare guidance that accelerates profits, increases results, and, ultimately, makes life simpler, awesomer, and more rewarding in meaningful ways,” said Awesomely’s founder, Patrick Riddle, happily. “We’re so appreciative for the opportunity to help real estate investors every day and super excited about our Inc. 5000 achievement for the second year in a row.”

“Flying past our original mission’s critical milestone is allowing us to continue serving our REI customers to the best of our abilities,” added JP Moses, Awesomely’s president and director of awesome. “We love that our organization and customers have a storied history of success, which promotes continued success now and in the future — more awesomeness to come!”

Make sure you look at Awesomely on Inc. 5000’s list of fastest-growing companies in 2023 here.


Awesomely is a crew of real estate investor-entrepreneurs who, with a healthy dose of core values and culture, have banded together to provide exceptional training, coaching, tools and resources for other awesome investors. In short, is real estate investing for awesome people.

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